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Thread: Sardar Banta Singh

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    Sardar Banta Singh

    Sardar Banta Singhs boss was always irritated by
    him, Coz Banta Singh was a major liar. Banta Singh
    used to claim that he knew Bill Clinton, Atal Bihari
    Vajaypee, The Pope etc... SO one day his boss decided
    to test him. He asked Banta Singh to take him to
    Vajaypee. Banta took him to Delhi and visited Vajaypee
    at his residence. Vajaypee personally welcomed Banta
    and asked him to stay for lunch.Not still convinced
    his boss asked to meet Bill Clinto. In the White House
    , Bill Clinton was excited to see Banta and took him
    to the Oval Room. He knew Banta like childhood
    friends. The boss still not convinced asked Banta to
    take him to meet the Pope. In rome the Pope appeared
    in front of thousands of visitors at his balcony on
    the third floor, Banta not able to get attention from
    the Pope, decides to go to the balcony where Pope was
    standing. Banta asks his boss to wait. In 5 minutes he
    sufaces on the balcony next to the Pope. The pope
    greets and hugs him. Suddenly he notices his Boss
    collapsed on the ground. On the way to the hospital he
    asks his boss, "What Happened?" his boss replies, "
    Everything was fine..Untill when u surfaced next to
    the Pope, A man standing next to me, asked, Who is
    that man standing next to Banta Singh???

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    old, repost,

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    ya repost!!!!!!!1

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