Beti No1
Boht Burra Ghur
Uckle Tikaney Town
Mainghi C District

Mr `Deewana Mastana`

Thank you for your love letter. However I feel `Hud Kurr De Aapne` for `Hum Aapke Hai Kaun`? `Dil Chahta Hai` I should tell you I think you`re a `Jaanwar`` and a `Shree 420`! I have to tell you I know your `Mohabatein` are false.

Who gave you the right to think you`re my `Sajaan` and I`m your `Chandini`. How dare you look at me you `Coolie No1`! If you were here in front of me I`d hit you with my chapple so hard your head will spin with these `Yaadein`.

You said `Kuch Kuch Hota Hai` every time you think of me. But I know you feel `Haseena Maan Jayegee` to every girl you see. `Ram Jaane` what I`ll do to you if I catch you. If you have any `Khauf` you will feel `Durr` from me.

You`re a `Kunwara` leading a `Rangeela` lifestyle, with friends saying `Chal Merey Bhai`. Spending all your nights on the `Sarak`. I`m sure the `Sholay` in your heart you say burn for me. Is nothing but indigestion from too much eating and drinking!

Describing yourself as `Baadshah`, and `Himmutvar`, you sound like a `Jungli` to me. You say you want to make me your `Biwi No1` however I say you lack `Insaniyaat`! I can`t believe you think I`ll turn to you and say `Kaho Na Pyar Hai`! I`d much rather kiss a `Bichoo` than go near you!

Any of `Amer Akbar Anthony` would be better suited to me than you. `Dil Wale Dhunyah Ley Jayengey` you said, but I say your `Dil to Pagal Hai`!

Don`t` you realise that `Andaz Upna Upna` and that their can`t be no `Rishta` between us. We are like a `Mohra` in the game of life. And it`s always `Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham`. The open `Fiza` with its changing weather is testament to that.

So please leave it as `Akeyle Hum Akeyle Tum`. Besides I`m already engaged to a guy with `Roti Kapra or Makaan`. And he`s no `Khal Nayak` like you. He`s my real `Hero`. My real `Jivan Saathi`. And with him I really know `Yeah Raaste Hai Pyar Ka`. And there can be no space in my `Zindagi` for anyone but him. You`ll only end up causing an `Aflatoon`, because he`s a `Major Sahib` in the Army working on the `Border` and he`ll kill you if he finds out.

So save yourself from becoming the foundations of a `Deewar` and leave me alone.


Yours Sincerely

`Ghar Wali Bhar Wali