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Thread: ...........Optimize and speed up your computer system

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    ...........Optimize and speed up your computer system

    Speed It Up Free 4.52

    Speed It Up Free will speed up any computer system running Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Vista. It works by using new hard-disk optimization technology that allows your computer to read data in some cases up to 300% faster from your Hard Drive. Speed It Up Free then optimizes your RAM and makes other settings to speed up your Internet connection and overall computer performance.

    Version 4.52 adds new performance tweaks.

    Speed It up Extreme is an all in one Speed Booster designed to significantly increase the speed of your computer and boost your PC available memory. Some users reported up to 300% (3 Times) Faster performance.

    Applications will load up much quicker! Games, Music and video will run smoother. Digital Photos will appear much quicker . Your computer will also become virtually crash proof.

    With 1-Click you can unleash the full potential of your computer within minutes. Also we give you many advanced internet features under Internet Clean-up that allows you to clear clutter that slows down your computer.

    Requirements: Windows XP/Vista


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    thanks for posting it.

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