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Thread: What cricketers' names stand for

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    What cricketers' names stand for

    Kambli - Killed All Mediocre Bowling, Left Immediately
    Kapil - Killed Aspiring Pacemen In Land
    Prasad - Promised Revenge Against Sohail And Delivered
    More - Mouthing Obscene Rubbish Everywhere
    Gavaskar - Grafting Away Valiantly, Always Successfully Killed Any Result/ Goes Around Venting Angry Spiel Kicking About Rudely
    Azhar - At Zenith Had Ambrose Reeling
    Azharuddin - Almost Zaheer-like His Artistry, Rivetting Umpteen Devoted Doting Indian Nationals
    Vishy - Vodka Is Sweet, He Yells
    Tendulkar - Tiny, Exciting, Neverending Dynamo Undyingly Labours Keeps A Record
    Amarnath - After Many A Reincarnation, Now Acknowledged Top Hand
    Prasanna - Prince Radiant Among Spinners, Astutely Nailed Nimble Attackers
    Bedi - Beautifully Executed Deliveries Indefinitely
    Chandra - Cleverly Hides Another Nagging Delivery Really Accurately
    Shastri - Shall His Achievements Still Truly Remain Interred?
    Srinath - Simply Ravishing Incutters, Not A Ten-wicket Haul
    Kumble - Killer Universal, Makes Batsmen Leave Embarassed
    Sidhu - Shall I Drop Him Unfairly?
    Mongia - Many Of Nayan's Gatherings Instigate Admiration
    Raman - Remember, All Madrasis Are Nervous
    Amol - Another Mumbai-ite Overly Lauded?
    Muzumdar - Mediocre Underachiever Zealously Undertakes Many Drives And Run-outs


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    u rock

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    good one...but very old collection

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    thnx aakash and sunny

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