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Thread: A dirty half dozen

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    A dirty half dozen

    What's the difference between George Michael's chin and Rahul Dravid's bat? George's chin has hit more balls.
    An Indian batsman was out first ball. On the long walk back to the pavilion he had to pass the incoming batsman, a supercilious rival. ``Hard luck, old man,'' smirked the newcomer. ``Yes. It's a shame I had to be right in the middle of a hat trick.''
    A cricketer was visiting the psychiatrist.
    Cricketer: ``It's terrible. I can't score runs, I'm a terrible bowler, and I can't hold a catch. What can I do?''
    Doctor: ``Get another job.''
    Cricketer: ``I can't. I'm playing for India tomorrow!''
    The best Indian batsman in England during the World Cup? Sunil Gavaskar.
    The best Indian all-rounder during the World Cup? Ravi Shastri.
    Indian cricketer to South African player: ``How do you manage to keep so fit for a match?''
    ``I think nothing of getting up at five, running round the stadium for two hours, then getting in three or four hours net practice before a cold bath.''
    Indian cricketer: ``That's funny. I don't think much of it either!''


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    nice one

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    nice one..but few r ur own reposts....

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