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Thread: Dumb Men Jokes

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    Dumb Men Jokes

    Q: How can you tell if a man is happy?
    A: Who cares!!!

    A man walks into a bar and finds a Genie in a lamp. The Genie will only grant him one wish. The man wishes to be a million times smarter than any man on earth. *POOF* the Genie turns him into a woman!

    Q: Why are blonde jokes so short?
    A: So men can remember them.

    Q: Why do men have slits in their underwear?
    A: So they can get oxygen to their brains.

    Q: What did god say after he made Adam?
    A: "I can do better than that." then he made Eve.


    Q: What do you call a man with half a brain?
    A: Gifted

    Q: How can you tell if a man is sexually active?
    A: He's breathing!

    A man is trying to impress a woman by making her think he's really intelligent.
    Man: I like waking early in the morning.
    Woman: Are you sure you haven't missed an "n" out of that sentence?

    Q: Do you know the real reason Moses wandered in the desert for 40 years?
    A: Because even back then men wouldn't stop and ask for directions.

    Q: How do you save a man from drowning?
    A: Take your foot off of his head.

    Q: Why do women work harder than men?
    A: Women get it done right the first time.

    Q: Why is a man like a diaper?
    A: because they are always on your ass, and they are usually full of shit.

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    nice one

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