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Thread: How to make a CD using Windows XP

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    How to make a CD using Windows XP

    This tutorial is for computers with Windows XP only.

    Lets start by choosing our media. The two kinds of cd media for CD Burners are: Compact Disc Recordable (CD-R), and Compact Disc Re-Writeable (CD-RW). CDRs are generally for burning quick data storage needs. CDRW media is used for backing up data. The differences these types of media is simple, CD-RW media can be erased. CD-R media cannot be erased but it can be reused. Some Burners are capable of DVDs also. That will not be address in this tutorial.


    You will also have to make sure you insert the media into the correct drive, as some computers have CD Burner as well as a CD or DVD Player. The CD Burner drive will have a small logo that looks one of these three.

    Built into Windows XP® is a software to burn CDs. I will show you an easy step by step method to burning cds using Windows XP®. First choose your files you want to burn.

    Step 1.
    Right click on the file(s) and select Send to > CD Drive (E.

    Click on the small message that popups in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

    Step 2.
    Click "Write these files to CD" as shown below.

    Step 3.
    A CD Burning Wizard will popup, which will guide you through the rest of this process.

    Congratulations, now you are finished.

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    thank u for info

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    Welcome mate

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    its a very very old info.....anyways...

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    k gud info but old n known

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