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Thread: Punjab Police

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    Punjab Police

    Three police squads , The Scotland Yard police , The NY Police and the Punjab Sardar brigade contest for the best police force ward .

    The judges lead them to the Gir forest of India and assign them the mission .

    He who captures an adult LIon and brings it back alive in the fastest

    time will be adjudged the best .

    First Scotland yard goes into the forest and comes back in half

    an hour with a Lion all tied up .

    Then the NY police go in and come back in 15 minutes with a tied up

    lion . Lastly the sardar brigade goes in . 15 minutes , half an hour , one

    hour goes and no sign of our saradrjis .The judges give up and decide

    to search for them . They go into the forest . After some searching ,

    they find the sardarjis all excitedly yelling near a tree . The sardarjis

    have tied up a big bear to a tree and one of them is shouting , "Bol tu

    sher Hai ! Saala Bol ! tu Sher Hai !! " (Admit that you are a lion! You @#$%@!

    You are a lion


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    very very old one....

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