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Thread: Want To Meet The Member Of Ur Wish On This Forum............

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    Want To Meet The Member Of Ur Wish On This Forum............

    Hey Plz Don't Run Away It Me Back Again........Napster...With A Game....


    This Game Is Little Bit Diffrent.........


    1).Name The Person From The Forum Or Above Ur Posting That U Will Love To Meet In Real Life Face To Face.

    2).Give The Reason Why U Have Picked That Particular Person.

    3).Tell What U Will Do When U Meet That Person In Real

    Note:- U Have To Only Say Ur Ans Acc To The Above Rules...Nothing Else...

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    I would like to meet sunny

    Becoz very interesting personality.......always come with new ideas,new games. Always encourage the new members.......

    When i will meet him i will ask him how he gets new ideas? i will talk to him a lot (Aur debate to hoga hi......hai na sunny?)

    & sunny this is a true answer.....

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    hmm..... i am impressed...

    I will also like to meet lina......coz she is a such a sweet person

    and when i will meet her i will ask her so many ques about her...and why she like south indian guyz..and one more thing how she sinks after seeing me..i mean heart attack aa jaye ga lina ko....

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    i want to meet sunny as i want to bit him
    when i will meet him i will bit him as he tells all my posts a a repost

    ---------Just a joke Sunny-------------

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    okay i will meet lina she will faint out after seeing the (devil so ugly oh my god....ha ha ha).....after that i'll have a long chat with her....which she will never forget....and then i will meet u shalin...and after the beating u will give me i will be admitted to a hospital...

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    Hey sunny.......koi heart attack nahin aayega......frends to frnds hote i m damn sure we both will b happy after meeting each other.....& shalu i hope u will also enjoy sunny's company.......panga mat lena sunnyse nahin to punjabda puttar ka dhai killo ka haath padega tum pe to bahoot bhari padega.......shalllllluuuuuuu.....

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    hmm all girls say the sam lines lina told above...

    okay i would also like to meet deepthi coz she was my x--- lolz.....well coz she is so sweet and nice....

    when i will meet her i will say hello have a cup of coffee and after half an hour i will be gone....

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    I would like to meet admin first of all...
    because as I have talked him and as he has helped me in my life... Iam thankful to him...

    The first thing I will say many sincere thanks to him.

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    secondly ill meet lina and napster when they are meeting
    because i want to be kabab mein hadi lolzzzzz

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    I'd like to meet all the active members of the group. Is that against the rules of the game?

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