Q. Why did the boy tiptoe past the medicine cabinet?

A. He didn't want to wake the sleeping pills!

Q. How do you tease fruit?

A. Banananananananana!

Q. Why did Goofy put a clock under his desk?

A. Because he wanted to work over-time!

Q. Why did Tommy throw the clock out of the window?

A. Because he wanted to see time fly!

Q. How does a moulded fruit-flavoured dessert answer the phone?

A. Jell-o!

Q. When do you stop at green and go at red?

A. When you're eating a watermelon!

Q. How did the farmer mend his pants?

A. With cabbage patches!

Q. Why don't they serve chocolate in prison?

A. Because it makes you break out!

Q. What do you call artificial spaghetti?

A. Mockaroni!

Q. What happens to a hamburger that misses a lot of school?

A. He has a lot of ketchup time!

Q. Why did the man at the orange juice factory lose his job?

A. He couldn't concentrate!

Q. How do you repair a broken tomato?

A. Tomato Paste!

Q. Why did the baby strawberry cry?

A. Because his parents were in a jam!

Q. What did the hamburger name his daughter?

A. Patty!

Q. What kind of egg did the bad chicken lay?

A. A deviled egg!

Q. What kind of key opens the door on Thanksgiving?

A. A turkey!

Q. What kind of cake do you get at a cafeteria?

A. A stomach-cake!

Q. Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

A. He felt crummy!

Q. When does a cart come before a horse?

A. In the dictionary!

Q. Why were the teacher's eyes crossed?

A. She couldn't control her pupils!