Three depressed bricklayers - one English, one Scottish and one Irish - were having lunch at the top of some scaffolding one day when the klaxon sounded to indicate lunchtime. The English bricklayer opened his lunch box and discovered, much to his dismay, that he had spam sandwiches for lunch. "Not spam again, I hate it. If I get spam sandwiches again tomorrow I swear I shall leap off the scaffolding and kill myself", he exclaimed.

"Count yourself lucky", replied the Scottish bricklayer, "I've got cheese sandwiches and I hate those. I'll be jumping off with you if I get them again". "Me too", said the Irishman, "I've got tuna and I really don't like fish. If I have tuna again tomorrow I'll be following the pair of you."

The next day came around and the English bricklayer duly opened up his lunchbox to again see the dreaded spam sandwiches. "Right, I'm serious," he announced, "this is the very last straw", and with that he threw himself off the scaffolding and plummeted to his death on the concrete below. Next, the Scottish bricklayer opened his box to find it contained cheese sandwiches. The Scot was as good as his word and flung himself off the scaffolding to his death. Finally, the Irish bricklayer discovered tuna sandwiches in his lunchbox, and he too leapt to his death on the pavement below.


The three funerals were held together a few days later, and the three widows got talking to each other. "I wish my husband had talked to me about the situation, I'd have packed him something else if I realised he hated spam that much," said the widow of the English bricklayer. "Yes, I'm amazed my husband didn't talk to me either. I thought he liked cheese sandwiches when he actually hated them so much he was prepared to kill himself", replied the Scottish widow. There was a pause and the two women looked towards the widow of the Irish bricklayer.

"Well, I don't understand it at all," the Irish widow chipped in, "My husband always packed his own lunch."