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Thread: Oracle's Real-Life Q & A ( IT humor )

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    Oracle's Real-Life Q & A ( IT humor )

    Q. What if your Dad loses his car keys?
    A. 'Parent keys not found!'

    Q. What if your old girl friend spots you with your new one?
    A. 'Duplicate value on index!'

    Q. What if the golf ball doesn't get into the hole at all?
    A. 'Value larger than specified precision!'

    Q. What if you try to have fun with somebody else's girlfriend and get kicked out?
    A. 'Insufficient privileges on the specified object!'

    Q. What if you don't get any response from the girl next door?
    A. 'No data found!' or ' Query caused no rows retrieved!'

    Q. What if you get response from the girl next door and her Mom too?
    A. 'SELECT INTO returns too many rows!'

    Q. What if you dial a wrong number?
    A. 'Invalid number' or ' Object doesn't exist!'

    Q. What if you try to beat your own trumpet?
    A. 'Object is found mutating!'

    Q. What if you are too late to office and the boss catches you?
    A. 'Discrete transaction failed!'

    Q. What if you see 'theatre full' when you go to a movie?
    A. 'Maximum number of users exceeded!'

    Q. What if you don't get table in the lunch room?
    A. 'System out of tablespace!'

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    nice post..

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    thnx dinesh

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    nice one..but a repost my friend

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