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Thread: Jis Ko Tum Chaaho

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    Jis Ko Tum Chaaho

    Jis Ko Tum Chaaho Wo Mohabbat

    !! Jo Tumhein Chaahe Us Ka Kya? ? ?

    !! Jis K Liye Tum Roye Wo Mohabbat

    !! Jo Tumare Liye Roye Uska KYA? ?

    !! Jis K Liye Tum Tarpe Wo Mohabbat

    !! J0 Tumhare Liye Tarpa Uska Kya? ? ?

    !! Jis Ko Tumne Chaaha Wo Tumko Mile

    !! Aur Jis Ko Tum Na Mile Uska Kya?


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    very nice sharing. i really like it..

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