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Thread: for 0ur country and nation

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    for 0ur country and nation

    Aey Chaand Yahan Naa Nikla Ker

    ...Be-naam Se Sapne Dikha Ker

    Yahan Ulti Ganga Behti Hy

    Is Dais Mein Andhe Hakim Hyn

    Na Logo'n k Wo Khaadim Hyn

    Hy Yahan Pe Karobar Bohat

    Is Dais Mein Gurdey Bikty Hyn

    Kuch Log Hyn Aali Shan Bohat

    Aur Kuch Ka Maqsad Roti Hy

    Wo Kehty Hyn Sab Acha Hy

    Mghrib Ka Raj Hii Sacha Hy

    Ye Dais Hy Andhe Logo'n Ka


    Aey Chaand Yahan Na Nikla Ker ! ! !

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    thanks for sharing.. i really like it.

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