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Thread: Good Place to Eat

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    Good Place to Eat

    Two businessmen were talking about good places to have lunch. One said, "Maxie's is a wonderful place for lunch. You go in for lunch and everyone says 'hello', immediately a delicious sandwich and a cold beer are set up on the bar for you. That's followed by several more cold beers and it's all 'on the house'. They have music and you get to dance a bit and then you go into a back room and have wonderful sex. When it's time for you to leave, the bartender gives you a twenty dollar bill and invites you to come back anytime."

    The other man says, "You've got to be kidding. I find that really hard to believe. Do you go there often?"

    "No," his friend replies, "actually I've never been there but my sister goes every noon."


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    GR8 POST

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    wow.. what a cool one....

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    naughty naughty...nice one

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    Nice one

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