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Thread: Engine Failure

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    Engine Failure

    Fifteen minutes into the flight from Kansas City to Toronto, the captain announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, one of our engines has failed. There is nothing to worry about. Our flight will take an hour longer than scheduled, but we still have three engines left."

    Thirty minutes later the captain announced, "One more engine has failed and the flight will take an additional two hours. But don't worry ... we can fly just fine on two engines."

    An hour later the captain announced, "One more engine has failed and our arrival will be delayed another three hours. But don't worry ... we still have one engine left."

    A young blonde passenger turned to the man in the next seat and remarked, "If we lose one more engine, we'll be up here all day!"


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    THTS A GR8 1

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    good one
    but repost

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    a very old one...but nice u posted it

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    Nice post

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