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Thread: I feel So Happy...

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    I feel So Happy...

    Today am going to write alot...just want to distrb you all alot....does any one has any problem....then let me know pls....

    Really I felt so happy when I received replies from Coolnapster, Max, Shalin, 666, Beng, and Atif for my friendship wishes.....! I ddnt expect it really...I thought let me pay off my thoughts to them...but really it came back with a bundle of joys...happiness...and friendship love....I thank you all for those wishes my friends....really it worths me a lot!!!


    Just sending a wish along a friends way is really so simple. But does we need a particular day to send our wishes...or to say you are my friend...? If every day we consider them beside us, sharing our thoughts with them,making to smile them, laugh them, mocking them, helping them and somtimes we do try to see their salty tears......Say....Every day is Friendship day na...?

    Really Friends are God given Gift...Hw much you try to know them you will fail to know them like we say " SANGEET SAGAR HAI..."!!! Friendship is also like SAGAR...You will get a lot of treasure from this SAGAR too...only thing you want to know is how to row in this sea...may hav storms..may hav tides..just want to over come it all by ur love, care, humour, companssion, generosity....and in ur sail you will find all the treasures that are just waiting only for you....That is a Friend's Love and Care towards you....!

    So, Just a reply from those friends make me to write this much...You too try to make somone happy. Let them also be happy and cheirsh the whole day....

    Have A Nice day FRIENDS....

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    hmm nice one my frnd

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    Ya..really nice one hemasnair....

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    Thank you uramine...Its my pleaure....!

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    Hai shalin....

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