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Thread: Some different species of snakes 1

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    Some different species of snakes 1

    Black rat snake(non venomous)

    Yellow Rat snake(Non venomous)

    Corn Snake (Non Venomous)

    Black Racer(Non Venomous)

    Coachwhip snake(Non venomous)

    King Snake (Non venomous)

    Pine Snake (Non Venomous)

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    cute one
    nice collection

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    snakes scare the life out of me..! but nayway they're God's creation so thanks for the post..!

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    Did you know that snake, like all reptiles are incapable of learning?

    This is because they lack the enlarged Cerebral Hemispheres found in birds and mammals, this part of the brain controls learning and thought.

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    Did you know that snakes move by using special muscles attached to their ribs?

    If you put a snake on a smooth piece of glass, the snake will not be able to move because there is nothing to grab onto. The scales on their bellies also act as anchors.

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    am scared of these things

    good collection

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    i love them but can't stand by them...nice collection...keep it up frnd

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