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Thread: Show how good life can be

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    Show how good life can be

    Show life today
    how good it can be.
    With your attitude
    and your actions,
    prove to the world
    that life is very much
    worth living.

    Do you long to
    experience real,
    substantive hope
    for the future ?
    Then be the living
    embodiment of that
    hope with the way
    you conduct your life.

    Is it naive, or even cruel
    or insensitive to expect
    the best when things are
    at their worst ?
    No, because it is
    precisely from those
    sincere, positive
    expectations that
    improvements come.

    Even the smallest light
    can break through the
    darkest darkness.
    And that will enable
    other lights to shine.

    When there’s no good
    reason to be positive,
    be positive anyway.
    Yes, you can do it,
    and it will truly make
    a profound difference.

    Remind life of how
    good it can be.
    And make
    more and more
    of that goodness
    in your world.

    Have a great day!


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    GOod Share

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    very good sharing...

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