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Thread: A small life problem plss help

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    A small life problem plss help

    Guys I wont u guys to give suggestions. Heres the problem, I have a GF and she has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. One day i told her that i will tell her brother that iam your BF but she begged me not to. And so i didnt but one another day i dont know what gotinto my mind i went and told to her 2nd brother. Then he just came and.............................Then for sometime i just forgot about her but one thing i knew was she never left me even after she took so much pain because of me...............Guys tell me what should i do-Tell her to forget me forever or just continue our lives? Well she does really Luvme and so do i but...............................

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    good story

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    Well actually its not a story plss try to understand i need majority suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you should contact her again bcuz u didn't follow her request due to which she has to face problem

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    Well thats of no use now . Everything is over but except one thing of telling her Tell her to forget me forever or just continue our lives? Well she does really Luvme and so do i but...............................

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    If u think that she really loves u & u love her than u have to contact her. u have to face some problems than at last really you ll be happy. better u contact her.

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    The problem is her parents

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    if u really love her u have to face it my dear friend

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    hmm ryu...i think u should...... contact her.....but through a common or a frnd of her u know so that she does not get into further trouble......try to talk to her without her family..i mean no one in her family should know about it....ask her what she feels is the solution if she says she is with u....go for it my friend...then for true love u'll have to fight against all odd all problems......

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    Thanks guys but did u ever ask what my age is? Ask me now or just try to guess if ur not correct i will give the answer

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