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Thread: My Dil Goes...Hmmm..Hmmm..Hmmm

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    My Dil Goes...Hmmm..Hmmm..Hmmm

    Today my day is blessed with some sweet thoughts of a dear may wonder why is so...

    Really our days can be brightend with a single thought u kno....Hw nice it is to engross in somones will take us back to that era where everything is still alive having the same rhythm..same music....same playing parts...

    My friend is so dear to me...some persons comes in our life as unnoticible things...but they make such a great impact that we ourself fails to find out the reason y they became this much dear. They reads our mind without saying a word. they can read our glistening eyes, our dropping tears, our smile, our silence, our thoughts, our desires...and more over our ambitions. In all ways they hold their hands around us and protect us as are safe within my arms...really a person who thinks nothing for himself but doing a lot for the persistence of his friendship is somone so near to God. If anyone is blessed with such a kind of friendship...surely they can be proud of.


    Am so proud of my friend. He is a crystal clear mirror..which reflects my image. I can see wat am through him. His views, his guideness makes me to do good things that he can be proud of me....really I blessed with such a great friend in my life. I was not aware of the qualities that he found in me before...when I came to aware of these things...I started identifying myself...ofcourse it was a difficult task for me bcos nvr I thought such a huge amount of things are hidden deep inside me.... A friend can change ur better life to a best one...will fulfill all your thoughts with such beautiful colours that it will be as an everlasting Painting....

    Really his nice thoughts will enrich my months, my years... !

    Today my DIL goes singing...Hmmm..Hmmm..Hmmm....

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    is it....then hurry up and make a friend...Ur dill will also go hmmm...hmmmm.....hmmmm....

    Thanks chug...

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    nice... i will surely doo and see that my dil goes hmmm...hmmm...

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    ofcourse try and see " D only one".....and let me also know whether ur dil went singing

    Change ur name to a better one "D" I can call you somthing as meaningful...els tell me ur name...ok...? Calling a person with his name is like giving him a dignity...isnt it...hey na?

    Thanks dear akalmand....wont call you gadha. Bcoz it is different in itz you also hav a tail? No na...then dnt worry...say akalmandchimpance... Just jocking ok..

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    i feel u r damm lucky to have a frnd like that but what can i say i have so many frnds which fits into that many.....i can only say...i am the luckiest in this field

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    Hi...Having that much of friends you are failing to view ur true image which is hidden inside you napster.....!!!!!

    That's y u r needing all these polls and confirmation abt ur posts whether is fits in a perfect category. If a Person is Blessed with a Best Friend in his life then he should not need any thing to know....what he is doing in his own life.

    Let me say...A Fine mirror will reflect ur true image... let u have a lot...doesnt matter.

    So nice to hear that u r the luckiest....and be forever.

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    Hi....Uramine...Good post man.

    Really I too belive in friends and their friendship...for me its an everlasting bond which is made by God before sending us frm heaven. As the same saying.." Marriages are made in Heaven"...

    Happy Friendship Day...Uramine..

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    hmm good one
    me the same thots

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