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Thread: Can we Send powerpoint files

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    Can we Send powerpoint files

    Can we send powerpoint files by attaching them to a post?

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    yes my friend u can......but remember these things...

    1) don't spam
    advertising material by force , forcing user to visit your recommended websites.

    2) don't abuse
    do not use abusive language in the posts.

    3) don't mislead
    do not mislead or misguide visitors for your own interest.

    4) no x rated stuff.
    nidokidos do not allow any x rated stuff on this forum.

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    Thank u Napster.

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    u r welcome my dear frnd

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolestnapster
    u r welcome my dear frnd

    Cheers mate.

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    but when i add it says that extension not allowed...

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