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Thread: Mp3 Resizer 1.8.3

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    Mp3 Resizer 1.8.3

    o you need more space in your mp3 player? Would you like to have more songs in your mobile phone?

    MP3Resizer is the solution. It will compress your mp3 files, so you can store more files in your portable devices.

    Thanks to Mp3Resizer you will not need to change your mp3 player when the capacity seems to have reached the limit. Mp3Resizer can compress the files up to a third part of the original size.

    And to do it, it uses Lame compressor, so the final quality is guaranteed.

    In addition, Mp3Resizer also includes a small player which shows us the information of both two files, the original and the compressed one.


    To download click here

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    thnx terminator

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    hey its a trail version..........

    is there any code 2 activate it

    [email protected]

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    i'll find it and den mail u

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