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Thread: Complex Calculator

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    Complex Calculator

    Displays complex numbers in form of phasors and allows interactive manipulation. Includes tools for complex circuit calculation and a help file.


    * Display of complex numbers in form of phasors incl. interactive adaption possibility
    * Two flexible scales to display phasors in different dimensions
    * Manipulation of phasors through integrated parser
    * Calculation and display of multiple solutions when calculating complex roots and possibility of adding phasors graphically
    * Image export and priting functions
    * Circuit calculation for AC voltage (resistors, capacitors and coils): automatic calculation of currents, voltages and powers - direct import possibilities in the main program
    * Help files with practical examples

    System requirements

    CPU with at least 1 GHz required in order to use the interactive phasor display with antialiasing. Tested under Windows 98, 2000 und XP.

    Version: 3.0 Alpha
    Latest change: 19.9.2005
    Language: German
    Size: 601 KB


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    Language: German...plz yaar samaj nahi aaye ga ...

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