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Thread: riddle : the wise king ;)

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    riddle : the wise king ;)

    A "Wise King" devised a contest to see who would receive the Princess hand in marriage.

    The Princess was put in a 50x50 foot carpeted room. Each of her four suitors were put in one corner of the room with a small box to stand on. The first one to touch the Princess hand would be the winner and become the new King.

    The rules of the test were that the contestants could not walk over the carpet, cross the plane of the carpet, or hang from anything; nor could they use anything but their body and wits (i.e. no magic or telepathy, nor any items such as ladders, block and tackles, etc.).

    One suitor figured out a way and married the Princess and became the new King.

    How did he figure it out?

    The successful suitor simply asked the Princess to walk over to where he stood, and to touch his hand!

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    nice one......kool....common sense

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    Nice one

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