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Thread: The Tutorials Are Posted

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    The Tutorials Are Posted

    Dear Friends,
    The Tututorials about using the forum and posting features are posted in talk to management category.

    If you need help in using any other board feature, Please reply I shall Post the guide

    Please vote and write your comments were the tutorials useful to u ? What Improvment may be done in tutorials.

    Ur replies are must.



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    reply my frnz!!

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    They are useful, but not all of them. You know some of them I take it just for my information and the others I try to implement it or do it and teach it to other people. Overall Tutorials are good for all.

    This is my opinion.

    Note: Please specify what type of Tutorials do you mean?

    Thanks & Regards,


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    The Tututorials are about using the forum and posting features.

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    hiii, yes tuturials is much useful to new members of nidokidos, its very help ful to have fun and be satisfied for joining the nidokidos group.. i too want a complete guide to add my name at the bottom for the mail i send.

    can u also tell me if ireceive a mail with others name at the bottom for the mail then how to keep my name instead their name to sent it to my friends

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    thanx for ur kind replies. yes individual you may give me your email address I will send you a software and tutorials about adding your name @ bottom (signature) of email.

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