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Thread: MP3 Player Sunglasses

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    MP3 Player Sunglasses

    Another MP3 player? This time it isn't from the Jap chaps. And wait... it is not an MP3 player. Maybe it is stuck with Shakespeare's "To be or not to be" philosophy. This one from Global American Technologies is an ultra-cool sunglasses frame with, yes... an MP3 player.

    The Fio MP3 player sunglasses as they are called, feature "3D stereo" sound via ear buds on each side of the frame. The memory capacity ranges between 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB. MP3 and WMA are the two supported formats. The Fio has a little over eight hours of battery life. As bonus, it is PC and Mac compatible.


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    kool one...what is the price of that thing......

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    Nice one...!

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    what a player.......can any one pls gift it to me.....

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    i know that all want to own this player
    but 1st anyone give it to me
    as i have posted it
    i want that
    i don't know the price

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    i wanted the price tag so that i could ask a frnd like u as a gift to me...

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    it must be around 2000

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    sorry forgot to add a 0
    it must be around 20000

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    thats it bus so cheap... tell me the shop... from where you can buy and gift it to me............

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    I have some more pics of that players.
    But i got those pics in nidokidos only.

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