Sony has unveiled two new additions to its range of digital notetakers, each being approximately the size of an average chocolate bar.


"Sony designed the new U Series digital notetaker to simplify a broader range of tasks and provide a multi-functional tool for those who want to conduct voice-based and general recordings," according to product manager Suzanna Gan.

The ICDU60 features a 512MB capacity and can store up to 57 hours of high quality recordings, 153 hours of standard recordings and 251 hours of long play recordings.

Meanwhile, the ICDU70 is a 1GB model and can hold approximately double those amounts.

The U Series notetakers also double as MP3 players and come with high-speed USB connectivity so they can connect straight to a PC for file drag-and-drop.

A carry strap and stereo headphone are also supplied.

RRP ICDU60: $299
RRP ICDU70: $399