Heavy rains continue to batter India today. Across the country, cities are dealing with everything from flooded streets, and the livlihood of farmers is also being hit hard. Here's more.


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Torrential rains lashed New Delhi on Wednesday, leading to traffic disruptions and flooding in many parts of the city.

Downpours also disrupted normal life in the north Indian hill town Shimla. The rainwater on the roads, in drainage lines and on the paths made locals upset.

[Yashpal Dhaulta, Shimla Resident]:
"Virtually, what I can see is that the drain system is not so good here. The streets are flooded with water."

The monsoon this year has caused heavy floods in several parts of India like Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in the north and central Madhya Pradesh state, severely affecting property and livestock.

The monsoon hit India's southern tip on May 31st, a day ahead of schedule, which happens to be the indicator of a rainy season for the entire country.

While a good monsoon is vital to India's farm sector, heavy rains and runoff also leads to flooding and the outbreak of diseases.