You seduce my heart when you dance,
you put thoughts in my head that I can't deny,
make me shiver.
I had the promise in my head that I made to my girlfriend,
I wasn't going to do anything on the boat.
My mind listens, but my body wants to break the promise.
I come close to trying something, I back off.
I look at your eyes, they are beautiful,
I want them to be mine, but you push me away.
I feel down, I decide not to try any more.
I see you with other people, I feel down.
I dream of you, I feel warm, but wake up to a cold room.
I make myself believe that you are taken.
I think that you are too good for me.
I'm out of your league. I move on.
My confidence arises with the attention I get from the girls.
I see you at the beach, you look awesome.
I like to talk to you, you like to listen to people's problems,
just like me. I don't always help,
but I'm here to comfort them.
You are there for me, and you help me.
I see what I saw in you when I first met you.
I feel that I am on your level,
I feel bad that I wasn't single before the cruise,
I would have had more fun.
I would have tried something, it's too late.
We talk some more, I know it's still too late,
I flirt with you, doesn't make a difference,
we will probably never see each other again,
I will dream of you.