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Thread: (Pics)Nokia 6639 Concept:Worlds Best & Innovative Phone

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    (Pics)Nokia 6639 Concept:Worlds Best & Innovative Phone


    Nokia 6639 Concept:The Worlds Best & Truly Innovative Cell Phone Ever
    Nokia unveiled their new concept phone, the Nokia 6639, which will be featured a 2.0-GHz Intel Pentium M processor, 512MB of DDR2 memory, 1024 x 768 display, Wi-Fi, and a 2.0MP camera with removable SLR lenses.The Nokia 6639 is a Swiss army knife, a Zippo lighter, a double mega pixel digital SLR camera and it has Photoshop. When I learned of this I almost did a backflip. The phone has a 1024 X 768 pixel screen and it also features a Pentium M-Dothan binuclear 2.0GHMz with dual channel 512MDDR2 memory with expandable features. Need I say more? The phone will support every video and audio format available to mankind and will display 16 million colors on the TFT screen. Obviously, this phone is made for the paparazzi because you can attach a huge SLR lens to the back-end and use the built-in email client to mail it to sources; thus a profit and you can buy another one. No word yet on if this device will go into production.

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    ...hmm i can't understand one thing in the pic i can see( viao) which means a sony product but u r saying nokia

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    yup...even i don't undstd.

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