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    If you kiss her, you are not a gentleman
    If you don't, you are not a man

    If you praise her, she thinks you are lying
    If you don't, you are good for nothing

    If you agree to all her likes, you are a wimp
    If you don't, you are not understanding

    If you visit her often, she thinks it is boring
    If you don't, she accuses you of double-crossing

    If you are well dressed, she says you are a playboy
    If you don't, you are a dull boy

    If you are jealous, she says it's bad
    If you don't, she thinks you do not love her

    If you attempt a romance, she says you didn't respect her
    If you don't, she thinks you do not like her

    If you are a minute late, she complains it's hard towait
    If she is late, she says that's a girl's way

    If you visit another man! , you're not putting in "quality time"
    If she is visited by another woman, "oh it's natural,we are girls"

    If you kiss her once in a while, she professes you are cold
    If you kiss her often, she yells that you are taking advantage

    If you fail to help her in crossing the street,you lack ethics
    If you do, she thinks it's just one of men's tactics for seduction

    If you stare at another woman, she accuses you of flirting
    If she is stared by other men, she says that they are just admiring

    If you talk, she wants you to listen
    If you listen, she wants you to talk

    In short:
    So simple, yet so complex
    So weak, yet so powerful
    So confusing, yet so desirable
    So damning, yet so wonderful.....
    can't live with them..
    can't live without them ..


    If u TREAT him nicely, he says u are IN LOVE with him;
    If u Don't, he says u are PROUD.

    If u DRESS Nicely, he says u are trying to LURE him;
    If u Don't, he says u are from JUNGLE.

    If u ARGUE with him, he says u are STUBBORN;
    If u keep QUIET, he says u have no BRAINS.

    If u are SMARTER than him, he'll lose FACE;
    If he's Smarter than u, he is GREAT.

    If u don't Love him, he tries to POSSESS u;
    If u Love him, he will try to LEAVE u.(very true, huh?)

    If u don't make love with him., he says u don't Love him;
    If u do, he says u are CHEAP.

    If u tell him your PROBLEM, he says u are TROBLESOME;
    If u don't, he says that u don't TRUST him.

    If u SCOLD him, u are like a NANNY to him;
    If he SCOLDS u, it is because he CARES for u.

    If u BREAK your PROMISE, u cannot be TRUSTED;
    If he BREAKS his, he is FORCED to do so.

    If u SMOKE, u are a BAD girl;
    If he SMOKES, he is a GENTLEMAN.

    If u do WELL in your exams, he says it's LUCK;
    If he does WELL, it's BRAINS.

    If u HURT him, u are CRUEL;
    If he HURTS u, u are too SENSITIVE!!


    If u send this to guys, they will swear that it s
    not you.......but if u do, they will kill you

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    hmm this one too looks like a repost to me....and ways nice one....

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    If u don't Love him, he tries to POSSESS u;
    If u Love him, he will try to LEAVE u.(very true, huh?)

    very very true

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    Nice one

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