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    Love magic begins by first learning to love and believe in yourself and your inner strength and beauty

    Did you know that when you are feeling happy, your eyes can shine as brightly as deep sparkling pools of light? All kids feel a bit unsure about their looks sometimes and if ever you do feel that way, you can help by casting this magic spell on any day of the week. Before you begin, remember that whatever the shape or size of your body or the color of your hair and eyes, you are truly a wonderful and special child of the Universe. Then, find some time for yourself when you can be alone for a while and take a warm shower or bath and get dressed in a robe or some comfortable clothes. Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and look at your face, concentrating especially on your eyes. Keep looking into your own eyes and softly say these words to yourself, ‘beautiful magic lives inside me’. Next, look into the mirror and give yourself a big smile, and let yourself have a giggle or a laugh if you feel like it. Then put your hands softly up to touch your face and say the words, ‘I feel the touch of nature’s love.’ Then, hold your hands together in front of you and keep looking into your eyes as you seal the spell’s power by saying, ‘I will honor myself and my beautiful mind, spirit and body.’



    Ask the fairies to bring you good fortune by sprinkling a little silver glitter around your room whenever you need some extra luck and success.

    If you’ve got an important competition or race coming up you can cast this spell the day before the event, to help give you that winning edge. Gather together a teaspoon of some dried rosemary and mint. (These are very easy to find even in your kitchen or local store) and even though we find these herbs in most kitchen cupboards, they have been used since ancient times to help cast spells and enchantments. Pour the rosemary and mint into a white bowl and stir with a spoon while you think about your competition. Imagine that you see yourself winning a prize and at the same time feel relaxed and happy as you say these words. ‘By moon and herb I mix my charm and so shall it be from this time on’. Finish the spell by placing the bowl near your window and leaving it there for one week.


    Everyone wants to be well-liked and popular, but sometimes it’s not so easy for a sensitive kid to make new friends - especially when you’ve started taking a new class at school, or you might be a little shy, or maybe you just don’t get along with some of the kids in your neighborhood. To help your popularity and to feel more confident. Cast this spell on any afternoon. You will need,

    Two pieces of blue (or you can use your favorite colour) and one piece of white cotton or wool thread about 10 inches in length
    Tie the thread together in a knot at one end and then plait or braid the three pieces together all the way to the other end. While you do this, try not to worry about any kids or problems that are bothering you, just try to think happy and positive thoughts while you say, ‘As I tie this magic yarn, one by one my friends will come.’ When you’ve finished braiding, tie up the other end in a firm not and then hold the magic braid in your right hand as you feel very confident and say, ‘So shall it be.’ Then, you can keep the braid in your pocket or schoolbag to help attract good feelings around you or you can tie it around your wrist and wear it as a cute magic bracelet.


    I bet you are very creative and you probably love being outdoors enjoying yourself with friends and nature. But then, do you find it hard to settle down and concentrate on your schoolwork - or keep your mind on your studies? Well, this easy spell can help you focus and stretch your mind power - and will definitely make studying much more fun. You will need

    a wooden pencil
    a piece of clean white paper
    a bin or garbage bag
    A desk or table and chair
    Your school books
    A well lit room
    You can cast your spell anytime you like but the best time would be just before a study session or whenever you do your homework. Begin by placing the pencil and paper on the table or desk near your school-books and sit in a comfortable position nearby. Pick up the pencil and hold it in both hands while you take deep breaths for a few seconds to help calm your body and mind. Imagine that there is a warm light around you which is filling you with energy and power and even the pencil in your hands feels warm and tingly. Then look at the piece of paper in front of you and copy down this magic puzzle.


    Look at the puzzle for a few moments and say ‘Abracadabra’ three times, then roll the paper up in a ball, throw it in the bin, and start your study session.


    Home and family are important to all kids and if you are also intuitive and a bit psychic, birds and all animals feel safe and happy when you are around. To keep attracting lovely energy and protective magic around your family and pets, you will need to gather

    one egg,
    a small seashell
    juice of one orange in a cup
    A small table or a chair

    Then, on a Sunday morning or afternoon, place everything onto the table or chair in your bedroom and walk clockwise around the table three times as you repeat this incantation. ‘I cast this circle in the name of good.’ Then pick up the egg and hold it gently in your hands as you think loving thoughts about your family and pets, knowing that they are all safe and well. Keep doing this until you start to feel very calm and then break the egg into the cup of orange juice. Next, put the seashell into the cup as well and then stir everything together with the spoon, while you say, ‘With the color of the sun and seagull’s wing, animals and trees hear us sing, protect our home from everything.’ Then go outside to your front or back yard and pour the magic mixture onto a garden or near a tree.

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    chugh u r progressing a lot

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    Hi..feeling as a fairy tale....that much I engrossed...really am feeling as Miss Universe...

    Hi...thanks shalin..You r great..

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    hey hemasnair its my post so why u are saying thanks to shalin-aakash

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    Ya really beautiful

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    Guest sorry aakash..

    that watz happen you know...while writing reply shalin's msg was just up above. and I thought shalin is saying thanks for sorry ok...please..

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    hey akash beautiful thought........shalin is right u r progressing a lot.....good job,keep it up....

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    nice and kool ...was a little bit long but was worth spending time....

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    thnx hemasnair

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