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Thread: P.S. I Love You

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    P.S. I Love You

    P.S. I Love You

    Love is like wildflowers.
    Itís often found in the most unlikely places.

    To get more out of life, give more of yourself.

    Donít be afraid to go out on a limb.
    Thatís where the fruit is.

    Youíll learn more about a road by traveling it
    than by consulting all the maps in the world.

    When fate shuts a door, come in through the window.

    No failure is ever final, nor is any success.


    If youíre doing your best,
    you wonít have time to worry about failure.

    Dreams come true for those who work while they dream.

    No one is guaranteed happiness,
    life just gives us time and space.
    Itís up to us to fill it with joy and meaning.

    Do for others with no desire of returned favors.
    We all should plant some trees weíll never sit under.

    True wealth is what you are, not what you have.

    Almost all of our unhappiness is the result of comparing ourselves to others.

    We canít do much about our appearance, but we have total control over the kind of person we become.

    To change everything, simply change your attitude.

    Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

    Carrying a grudge is like a run in a stocking Ė
    it can only get worse. Forgiveness is the answer.

    When you remember how hard it is to change yourself,
    you begin to understand what little chance we have of changing others.

    Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers,
    why not gather your own bouquet.

    A friend is a person who knows all about you
    but likes you anyway.

    Friends are like a beautiful garden.
    They require regular care.

    The people on our planet are not standing in a line single file.
    Look closely, everyone is really standing in a circle, holding hands. Whatever you can give to the person standing next to you, it eventually comes back to you.

    Today, give a stranger one of your smiles,
    it might be the only sunshine they see all day.

    p.s. I Love You

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    'Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. '

    'True wealth is what you are, not what you have.'

    all of them are real good but i like these particular ones...and for some reason this one really touched me 'Today, give a stranger one of your smiles, it might be the only sunshine they see all day.'
    but i dnot know why...
    anway thnks and take care... =)

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    thanks for the reply

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    Nice post

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    hmm huge ships at the Harbor donot make gr8 saliors....

    friendship is like a medicine for life.....

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    ur right

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    good post

    bye take care

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