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Thread: A True Smile

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    A True Smile

    A True Smile


    A smile shouldn't be taken lightly
    Some smile all the time, politely
    One thing for sure
    A true smile is joy so pure
    With a smile, joy is released from the soul
    A process initiated at birth to console
    Every smile makes a soul stronger than before
    Beware, do not let joy be ignored
    If the joy is not let out with a true smile
    It will build up, for awhile
    But after a bit it will spoil slow
    Diminishing until it becomes pure sorrow
    Though sorrow is needed for a soul maturing
    Pure sorrow may outlast a soul most enduring
    When this happens a soul will become stronger
    Once decided it wants sorrow no longer
    While smiling keep this in thought
    And give all, this life lesson to be taught

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    nice words...nice post... =) Beng i just smiled now Beng can you please smile back at me...please..?
    thnks Beng... take care and i hope you have a bright day, a pleasent evening and a warm night..!

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    thanks a lot for replying to my post

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    Nice one

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