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Thread: A Contagious Smile

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    A Contagious Smile

    A Contagious Smile

    That smile of yours is contagious
    I know this because it's true
    I wasn't always happy this way
    Not until I met you
    That smile of yours picked me up
    You walked in when I was down
    You took what was once a bad day
    And turned it right around
    Now there are some days when I'm not happy
    There are some days when I'm just sad
    But thinking back on your smile...
    Those days weren't all that bad
    That smile of yours IS contagious
    Just look at everyone around
    If they're not wearing smiles right-side up
    They're wearing frowns just upside-down

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    this poem hints out good n sad memories... i like this poem... nice words... thnks =)

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    Nice poem

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