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Thread: Make it urgent

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    Make it urgent

    Can u please filter the frum "Talk Shak"
    there are many posts in it
    it is very difficult to find any post
    so please can you filter it.
    delete the old posts



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    Sir, please make it urgent
    he is keep on posting in Talk Shak
    and the whle page has been fulled with his posts
    it is difficult now even to find a single post

    please make it faster


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    No Iam Sorry It is not possible.
    That is why we have now took some actions so that members may post in correct categories. The old posts in wrong categories are either deleted or may be kept, I dont have much knowledge about it. But the future posts will be in correct categories. Otherwise they will be deleted.

    Thanks for informing about ur co-member, I have warned him, thanks again

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