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    A person can make you feel high,
    A person can make you feel low.
    But only you can decide,
    Which way you want to go.

    A person can hurt you mentally,
    A person can hurt you physically.
    But only you can place,
    A limit on your abilities.


    A person can cause drama,
    A person can cause a situation.
    But only you can create,
    Your own reputation.

    A person can make you laugh,
    A person can make you cry.
    But only you can make,
    Decisions for your life.

    I guess what I'm trying to say,
    That when you're living day to day.
    Don't live by what people do,
    But live by what you know is true


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    yeah this poem is one of my favourite ones...
    keep it up with the posting...alll your posts have been real good...!

    so far, so good..! keep it up..!
    take care... =)

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