Aap Ka Surroor

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Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Hansika Motwani, Mallika Sherawat, Raj Babbar, Shravan

Producer: Vijay Taneja

Director: Prashant Chaddha

Music Director: Who else but Himesh Reshammiya

Rating: *1/2

So the 'Moviee' which is the real finally releases and Himesh Reshammiya has finally made his debut as an actor.

Himesh or HR appears as himself, only on a more elevated scale as he is introduced as the biggest star from India . In fact at one point of the film he is referred to as the biggest performer on the earth well we will allow that much of cinematic liberty.


He is on a tour to Germany where he is supposed to perform. And he lands up in the country fifteen days before his concert. We allow that as well as no matter how busy a star he might be, he ca always take out time for a small holiday before his concert. And it is in Germany that he meets Riyaa - played by Hansika Motwani, the child actor from Jaago fame. And it's love at first sight and no unlike Main Hoon Na where violins played when Shah Rukh sees Sushmita, here it is the Gayatri mantra. And next thing you see is that Himesh is remixing the Gayatri mantra in an earnest attempt become the Bhajan samrat from the rockstar that he is!

So while Himesh's best friend Shravan, played by debutant Shravan romances Riyaa's best friend, the shy HR and Riyaa start talking never expressing their love till Riyaa's father played by Sachin Khedekar decides to takes her away from HR to Goa. That's when HR reaches Goa to propose his lady love in front of the whole junta and this convinces papa that HR is not one of those who flirts from the entertainment world and who would merely use his daughter for a month and leave her.

On his performance night when he is arrested for the murder of a journalist apparently did a sting operation on him. The camera records HR's face while he kills the journo who happens to be the daughter of ex-cop Merchant (Raj Babbar). HR flees from jail in order to prove his innocence and that he does by getting the real murderer to agree to this in front of camera and some 100 people.

Well, the movie had a decent story but the script is not. Scenes that should have been serious ended up being an unintentional comedy. Especially, the scene where HR deciphers the code to a lock in which the murder weapon is kept. Funny the murderer uses his own gun to kill and yet the police can't trace it!

Also the engagement scene where the song 'Jhoot nahi bolna' has been shot is filled with firangs, who are clueless about the dance they are performing. And wonder how they got so many firangs in Goa and so many Indians on the German streets. And if this is not enough, we have autowallah doing a jig on the roads, complete with their three wheelers, on the streets of Germany. Also while Himesh is in jail, he suddenly breaks into a 'Tanhaiyan' song where he is shown walking down snow filled streets carrying his ever sad face. Himesh's security guards also disappear as soon as he starts romancing Riyaa on the streets on Germany and are back when he enters home.

There are also some jokes on Himesh's personality for example, him singing through his nose, him being surrounded in controversies all the while, his arrogance and his cap.

The cinematography is probably one good thing apart from the hit music, which anyway falls into the typical Himesh mould.

Performance wise Shravan lights up the screen every time he appears. Hansika's performance is inconsistent at best, good at times and bad at others. Mallika Sherawat is funny and no she is not playing a villain. Contrary to reports she actually helps HR solve the case. Raj Babbar can do without a mention. That leave us with Himesh Reshammiya. And, the verdict is Himesh you are a great music director and stick to that. Himesh fails to evoke any emotions neither in himself nor in the audience.

Director Prashant Chaddha's debut movie may take an opening due to the craze and curiosity among people but it should not make any mark in the box office, especially with two other movies releasing on the same day.