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    Castharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Kiron Kher, Victor Banerji, Jawed Sheikh, Aryan Vaid, Divya Dutta
    Producer: Rahul Sughand, Sangeeta Ahir
    Director: Anil Sharma
    Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya

    If you thought that the three Deols collaboration would be a treat to watch, your wait is finally over! And living to all this hype that Apne created pre-release, starring Dharmendra and his two sons Sunny Deol and younger lad Bobby Deol fairs quite okay. But don't panic over the fact that boxing is the essence of Apne considering that two yesteryear's action heroes from the three make the lead actors.

    Living in a small village at Chandigarh with his wife Raavee (Kirron Kher), India's jewel and Olympic silver medalist boxer Baldev Singh Choudhary's (Dharmendra) dream is to become the country's very first World Heavyweight Boxing Champion (WHBC). To achieve this feat and to create history for the country is his only motto!

    But all hell breaks lose when he is framed by the betting mafia on the charges of doping when competing for the World Heavyweight Championship in the US. This results in his 15 years ban from the event. Here comes Baldev's elder son Angad (Sunny Deol) in the frame. Baldev wants Angad to take revenge of his untimely and embarrassing exit from boxing by winning the championship. Against Angad's other wishes and aspirations, he trains his son who in turn sparkles winning the National Championship. Angad leaves the sport then and there for betterment of his family and goes on to become an agriculturist getting the award for the best exporter in agriculture… and takes on his father's wrath.

    Enter Karan (Bobby Deol), Angad's younger sibling. Karan wants to fulfill his father's dream but because of an accident where he loses his one hand to paralysis, is helpless. In stead, Karan chooses to become a rock singer. But a miracle gets Karan his hand back and Baldev immediately starts to train him to become the WHBC, the event across all continents, to zero-in on the world's best boxer. Karan is hurt badly while slugging it against the champion Luca Garcia. The condition worsens to the extent that Baldev thinks of committing suicide.


    Most of the part of Apne is in flashback. Wonderful locales and drops of emotions every now and then with a pinch of humour bind the story well. Quality of Anil Sharma's direction is visible in every shot of the film and so is Kabir Lal's cinematography in each frame. Minutest of details have been incorporated magnificently.

    Surprisingly this time round, Himesh Reshmmiya's music is something different than his typical jazzy style. Although only one title song, 'Apne to apne hote hain' is worth mentioning, less number of tracks doesn't bore you to death. Lyrics from Sameer do not leave a long lasting impact. But what sure does charm is Monty's background score which surely is worth a mention. Be it boxing punches or ribs-breaking and heart-thumping sounds, Monty's hard-work reflects at all times in the film.

    Even after having two action heroes in the film and considering the boxing making the major part of the movie, there has been hardly any scope for action master Tinu Verma to prove his skills. Much of it is covered by the boxing choreographer Chris Anderson. But the most daunting task would have been that of the choreographer Ahmed Khan who surely would have had tough time getting the baap-beta pair to foot-tapping.

    Being always promoted as a Deols' film, rest of the well-known actors including Shilpa Shetty (Sunny's wife) and Katrina Kaif (plays beau to Bobby Deol) have hardly got a chance to act in the film. In a better way all the others can be described as just the supporting cast of the film. Nevertheless, the entire cast is at its best in whatever screen time they have been given to act. Quite well-known off-screen bond between all the Deols is felt even on-screen and all the three men gel very well with each other.

    Even after being discrete individuals, the father-sons bond, their emotions and love for each other weaves the story of Apne. Ending on a happy note, just like all the other Bollywood flicks, the film could be worth a watch for more reasons than one, be it being the Deols fans or its technicality. Leave apart a couple of typical Bollywood style hard-to-digest scenes.

    And last but not the least if you are still thinking who's the best of all amongst the great trilogy, the answer to that is Sunny Deol, who has carried himself the best!

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    Ruchi Gupta


    Apne..... wallpapers

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    Thanks ruch for nice walpapers

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