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Thread: Use thesaurus and dictionary to look up words... - WordWeb 5

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    Use thesaurus and dictionary to look up words... - WordWeb 5

    Publisher's description of WordWeb

    This thesaurus/dictionary can be used to look up words from almost any program. In addition to displaying sense definitions and synonyms, WordWeb can find sets of related words. The database has more than 150,000 root words and 118,000 synonym sets, many proper nouns, pronunciations, and usage tags.

    Editor's review of WordWeb

    WordWeb is a handy utility that gives you the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of any given word without requiring you to go online, though it can connect to the Internet for expanded functionality should you want it.

    The interface feels like an expanded version of any major word processing app's dictionary function, giving users an instant familiarity--even if they've never used WordWeb. After you type a term into the Lookup dialog box, the word's definition will appear in the interface's top pane, along with tabs that link to various wiki functions.

    The bottom pane offers tabs for such items as synonyms, antonyms, and related words. The app's most notable feature is its hot key support; you simply use a hot key combo when the cursor is pointed over any word, and WordWeb will pop up onscreen with all pertinent information.

    There are tools for changing the database to one of several English variations, altering the text size, and disabling WordWeb from recognizing offensive terms. The depth and functionality of WordWeb would be worth paying for, but thankfully you don't have to redefine your budget to get it--it's free.

    WordWeb Pro Features

    The fast easy-to-use program lets you:

    * NEW: One-click look up from almost any program, including MS Word
    * NEW: Tab pages to quickly check web references
    * NEW: Bookmark words
    * NEW: Highlights commonly used widely-understood words
    * Find words matching a pattern
    * Edit and add to the database
    * Solve and find anagrams
    * Copy results to the clipboard
    * Cross-reference to other installed electronic dictionaries
    * Search for words in a large number of optional extra word lists
    * Add your own custom glossaries
    * Configure for American, British, Canadian, Australian or Asian English
    * Option to hide (default) or flag vulgar and offensive related words
    * Reverse definition (full text) search
    * Cross-links words that sound the same (homonyms)

    The extensive up-to-date dictionary database features:

    * Definitions and synonyms, including many compounds and proper nouns
    * Word relations: find antonyms, parts or types, less specific words, etc.
    * Over 126 000 synonym sets and 158 000 root words
    * Search over 260 000 words, compounds and derived forms
    * 70 000+ pronunciations, with pop-up hint pronunciation key
    * 49 000 usage examples
    * View alphabetically nearest words, suggestions for many misspellings

    WordWeb Pro runs under Windows 98/2000/Me/XP and Vista. Sorry, there is no Mac, Palm or Pocket PC version. You do not need to be online to use WordWeb.


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    hmmm strange long back when i posted the same my post was deleted......

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    Thanks kaleem for nice info

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