BillQuick Lite

BillQuick Lite is one of the most powerful timecard and project management tools on the market. It is designed with a complete open architecture that makes add-on’s and custom modules possible to greatly enhance and customize BillQuick’s features to the unique needs of your office. Implementing BillQuick Lite in your office will result in reduced overhead, more accurate time tracking, and increased revenue. BillQuick Lite is a limited version of BillQuick 2006 provided free of charge to consultants all around the world.

Architects, Engineers, Computer consultants, Attorneys, System Integrators, Management consultants, Programmers, Designers, Accountants, Contractors, Marketing consultants and Financial consultants require billing based upon criteria such as fixed fee, time and expense, hourly billing, hourly billing with a "not to exceed" amount and contractual billing based upon percentage and/or progress payments of a fixed fee. BillQuick Lite meets these requirements! It also accommodates project phasing and billing against retainers. With it you will track time and expenses and create in-depth analysis reporting to track project and office profitability. BillQuick Lite makes time billing as simple as possible. It fills the requirements needed for a one-person or small office.

BillQuick Lite will allow a user to enter time in as little as three key strokes. The program will review the client data and bill intelligently at the appropriate time. The Time Card module gives you full access to enter time directly into the system and have it intelligently generate invoices.

All invoices, statements and reports are completely customizable with Crystal Reports 9.0. Invoices and Statements can be specified for individual projects, enabling you to meet the demands of any client. You do not need to change the way you run your business. BillQuick Lite will adjust to fit your business the way you run it!

Key features of BillQuick Lite.

Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista Compatible
Network compatible (single user mode).
Allows off-site time entry and data merging
Dozens of standard reports available at the click of your mouse.
Customizable reports, invoices and statements. (Crystal Reports 9.0 available)
Excellent Project Management Reports.
Microsoft Access compatible database.
Excellent Technical Support. (Not free for Lite Users)
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Employees
Users Level Access control for Network and Security.
Intelligent Billing automates the invoicing process.
Intelligent agent turns time entry red, if the project goes over budget.
Exchange data with popular databases and spread sheet.
Capable of sending invoices via Email.

BillQuick Lite is FREE. However, the following features are not available:

1. Integration with QuickBooks
2. Integration with Peachtree
3. Integration with Microsoft Small Business Accounting
4. Integration with Intuit Complete Payroll
5. Integration with Microsoft Outlook
6. Service Fee Schedule
7. Expense Fee Schedule
8. Billing Schedule
9. Timers (stopwatches that track your activity and complete your timecard automatically)
10. Estimates
11. Document Management
12. Retainer History
13. LEDES compatibility
14. Budget
15. Custom Report printing module
16. Archive and Restore
17. Multiple Client Contacts
18. Change panel in Expense Log and Time Card
19. Grouping for Project, Client, Employee, Activity and Expense
20. Import/Export
21. Search and Find
22. Change EmployeeID, ProjectID and ClientID
23. Customize Toolbar
24. Reminders
25. Multiple Currencies
26. AutoComplete
27. Retainer Tracking
28. Writeup/ Write-Down
29. Project Journal
30. Credit Card Processing
31. Project Control Hours

Free technical support is not included for BillQuick Lite users. We strongly recommend purchasing technical support for at least 90 days to get your system set up correctly. To purchase technical support, please visit our Order Page.

Here is the best part: If you like BillQuick Lite and would like to upgrade to BillQuick Basic, Pro or Enterprise, all you need to do is purchase a license key. Nothing needs to be installed. Your BillQuick Lite data file is 100% compatible with other flavors of BillQuick. By installing the new license key, the program will automatically enable the missing features shown above.