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Thread: Office 2007, Work Together

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    Office 2007, Work Together

    Novell will support Microsoft Office's Open XML file format in its version of OpenOffice by the end of January.
    Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

    Microsoft and Novell have wasted little time in demonstrating there is real work being done as part of their recent Linux interoperability pact. Just a month after the historic deal between the companies, Novell said today it will support the proprietary document format in Microsoft Office 2007, Open XML, in its open-source version of the OpenOffice productivity suite by the end of January.

    Novell also will release software that will bi-directionally translate word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations between its version of's productivity suite and Microsoft Office to the project so Open XML can become a part of that open-source project, the company said.

    However, this does not guarantee that Open XML will be integrated into the code, said Justin Steinman, a Novell director of marketing for Linux. "We are going to release the code to the open-source community. Whether it gets integrated or not is up to the community," he said.

    Novell and Microsoft worked together on the translation project, which will allow users of a new release of OpenOffice due in January to create, save and send files as Open XML documents, Steinman said.
    Teaming Up

    Creating interoperability between the OpenOffice and Microsoft Office suites was a goal that was part of the companies' deal, announced November 2, to make Microsoft's proprietary software work more seamlessly with Novell's SuSe Linux and other open-source software from the company.

    The Open XML work will ultimately allow users to more easily share files between Microsoft Office 2007 and OpenOffice, which support different document formats, Steinman said.

    The native document format in OpenOffice is OpenDocument Format (ODF), an XML-based file format recognized as a standard by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Microsoft so far has chosen not to support ODF and instead created its own file format, Open XML, for Office 2007.

    Microsoft's lack of support for ODF has been controversial, and the company further stirred up concern in the industry that it was trying to promote its own proprietary file format as an industry standard instead of ODF by submitting Open XML to Ecma International in November 2005. Ecma is a standards organization that can fast-track technology standards through the ISO.

    Ecma plans to vote on whether to approve Open XML for submission to the ISO as an international standard on December 7.

    Microsoft released Office 2007, which supports Open XML, last week to business customers. The suite is expected to be widely available to consumers in retail outlets on January 30.


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    Microsoft Office 2007: Free for 60 Days

    If you want to check out the brand new Microsoft Office 2007, go to the Microsoft Office Online Web site and download one of the free 60-day trials. These aren't Microsoft's normal browser-based demos (called Test Drives) but fully functional software programs that you can try out for 60 days. After that period, the software will become crippled; you won't be able to create, save, or print files.

    You can try out four versions of the 2007 Office suite--Home and Student, Standard, Small Business, and Professional. You can also try out seven 2007 programs--such as Groove, OneNote, and Publisher--on their own.

    We have just published our review of Office 2007. In a nutshell: we found it a worthy upgrade with a great, new interface and a powerful new file format called Open XML. Warning: it will take you a while to get used to the new suite and not all applications are upgraded equally. Plus, users of the older versions of Office (and that's mostly everyone for now) will need a freely downloadable compatibility pack to work with your new 2007 files.

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    can u giv me serial o of office 2007

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