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Thread: I Have Learned...

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    I Have Learned...

    I HAVE LEARNED.......

    I have learned
    to find peace and true happiness
    you dont have to look far
    just around and within....

    I have learned
    that if someone does not love you
    the way you want him to
    does not mean he does not love you at all...

    I have learned
    not to take love and relationships for granted
    for they are here today, tomorrow is another day..

    I have learned
    never to leave without loving kind words
    for life comes with no guarantees...

    I have learned
    life does not end when the road ends
    and never to give up hope....

    I have learned
    relationships should be give and take,
    not..just give give
    and that leads to emotional exhaustion....

    I have learned
    it is important to nurture self in moderation,
    you can relate better to the world around...

    I have learned
    one is responsible for own actions
    irrespective of how we feel....

    I have learned
    selfless love
    has have no expectations
    leading to no pains and disappointments....

    I have learned
    that nothing soothes a troubled mind more than meditation,my daughters kiss and a loving glance, a reassuring word from the loved one that this too shall pass..

    I have learned
    that the 'will ' can keep us moving
    when the way is not clear
    and needs to be paved....

    I have learned
    we must control anger and attitude
    or it will control us....

    I have learned
    that it has taken me a long time to become
    the person i want to be....

    I have learned
    we must mind our words
    for it can stab like a knife for life....

    I have learned
    that i am not perfect and i
    its important to forgive myself....

    I have learned
    maturity has nothing to do with age
    but it comes with circumstances and experiences
    this influences the person we become.....

    I have learned
    that at the end of the day its nice to have a comforting pair of arms around
    that cocoon you from reality.....

    I have learned
    that if two people argue does not mean that
    they do not love eachother
    and if they dont they do....

    I have learned
    that certificates do not make
    you a decent human being,
    your karm and temperament do....

    I have learned
    that silence does not necessarily
    mean an endless void
    it could mean serenity,calm,peace.....

    I have learned
    life is an everchanging process
    and a learning experience
    and this shall continue....

    I have learned
    that nothing matters
    as long as we have each other.....


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    good one
    thank u

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    nice post

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    Really nice post

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    thankyou very much Max, Koumudi and Deepthi for replying me... all of you take care and hopefully c ya soon.. =)

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