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Thread: Breaking Password of Windows XP.

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    Breaking Password of Windows XP.

    Breaking The XP Password

    In case of user password boot the pc in safemode by pressing the F8 key and then selecting the Safe Mode option. You can now logon as an administrator and XP wont prompt for the password. Incase of an administrator account try rebooting the pc in DOS. access C:\Windows\system32\config\sam . Rename SAM as SAM.mj
    Now XP wont ask for password next time You Login. Also

    Go to the cmd prompt .
    Type net user *.
    It will list all the users.
    Again type net user "administrator" or the name of the administrator "name" *.
    e.g.: net user aaaaaa *(where aaaaaa is the name).
    It will ask for the password.
    Type the password and there you are done.
    Logging In As Administrator:

    Hold the Ctrl-Alt key and press Del twice. This will bring up the normal login and you can log on as Administrator.


    To unhide the Administrator account so it does show up:

    Start Regedit

    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ SpecialAccounts \ UserList

    Unhide the Administrator key by giving it a value of 1

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    nice but too lengthy to do
    is there any short method???????

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    tnx for useful info

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    hmm good
    nice info
    thank u

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    Have you try this dear becuase this solve is old one but it is working only in 2000 os in xp or in nt os is currupting

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    will try it.

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    this is working for all xp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by patsmihir7
    Have you try this dear becuase this solve is old one but it is working only in 2000 os in xp or in nt os is currupting
    Might be right because some process like Winlogon r running with XP.....

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    wat if d dere is only a admin account wid a pwd????????

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