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Thread: Send n receive instant scraps to Orkut ....... - Scrapboy 1

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    Send n receive instant scraps to Orkut ....... - Scrapboy 1

    Is orkut your favorite website? It just got better! Scrapboy loves to browse orkut and tell you when you or your friends receive new scraps. Sending scraps from your desktop is also as easy as writing an instant message. Keeping in touch with your friends was never more fun and easy.

    Scrapboy takes Orkut to a different level of experience. When you have Scrapboy installed on your computer, you virtually plug yourself to Orkut. Scrapboy’s mission is to help you create a closer, more intimate network of friends.

    Recieve instant notifications for new scraps

    It's as simple as that. When you recieve a new scrap, Scrapboy will bring it to your desktop in the same way that you are used to with any other Messenger.

    Send instant scraps from your desktop

    With Scrapboy you can send scraps from your desktop with the same convenience as writing an instant message. You no longer have to click your way through multiple pages in the Orkut™ website before writing a simple scrap, the next scrap you write is a mouse click away.

    Easily add color and style to your scraps

    Ever wondered why formatting your scraps with color and style is so complicated?
    Well... it doesn't have to be. With Scrapboy adding color or making your text bold, italic or underlined is easy!

    Read your friend's scrapbooks.

    Want to look at multiple scrapbooks at the same time? Want to scroll through without having to go to the next page every 10 scraps? With Scrapboy it's simple! Scrapboy allows you to open and view multiple Scrapbooks at the same time.

    Access your friend list with ease

    Wouldn't it be better if you could see all your friends in a single list sorted alphabetically? Scrapboy allows you to view your friends and their photos and searching them is just that easy, type your friend's name and Scrapboy will find it instantly.

    Block unwanted scrap notifications

    You dont want to read everyone's scraps! so what? Block unwanted scrapbooks with a single mouse click. Scrapbook will only notify you when unblocked friends receive new scraps.

    Disable scrap notifications when you're busy

    Everyone is busy sometimes. If you don’t want to be bothered, turn off scrap notifications until you're available again. If you want to receive just your scraps notifications, Scrapboy will not bother you with your friends' scraps until it's convenient.

    Navigate directly to desired Orkut™ pages

    And if you still want to visit the Orkut™ website to view photo albums, fan lists, communities, etc... Opening the exact page with a single click is simple and fast. Scrapboy navigates directly to the desired page.

    Skip the Orkut™ rush hour

    We all know that Orkut™ can be busy sometimes, especially when you want to read your scraps like everyone else. With Scrapboy you wont need to worry about refreshing your browser 10 times before receiving a response. Because Scrapboy does all the hard work for you, sit back and relax and wait for the next scrap notification.

    Read your friends' scraps without visiting their profile

    Remember the good old days when no one knew you visited their Orkut. With Scrapboy the old days are back! And why not? You're not visiting anyone's profile! Right?

    * FREE

    * Microsoft® Windows 98 or Windows 2000 or Microsoft® Windows XP.
    * Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher.


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    thanks once again for one more nice post kaleem

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    good one very helpful in fact.

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