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Thread: aisa apna husband ho...lolz

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    aisa apna husband ho...lolz

    hey well this is a reply to the poem about 'husbands expectations' this ones funny too...some gal came up with a perfect reply to their requirements..after all we girls also have some expectations…!!! Just too good!!! Worth a good laugh…so now i have to say..guys are you listening, rather reading ???? And if yes..c’mon people start preparing yourself to be the perfect hubby!!

    Aisa apna husband ho
    6′ jiski height ho
    Jeans dheeli magar body tight ho
    Apni baaton se karta excite ho
    Wo dashing smart aur polite ho
    Husband apna aisa bright ho.

    Uski apni ek website ho
    Network uska world-wide ho
    Swiss bank mein account 26 - 27 ho
    Meri har pasand uski favourite ho
    Apne friends ke saamne kahe, tum perfect bride ho
    Husband apna aisa bright ho

    Uff tak na kare, itna quiet ho
    Jalaa khana khakar bhi, usey mujhpe pride ho
    Jab shopping kar ke aoon, bole begum tum kitni nice ho
    Mere har nakhre uthaye, itna mizaaj uska light ho
    Husband apna aisa bright ho.

    Dinner banaye wo, jab bhi romantic night ho
    Hamesha wo haar maan jaye, jab bhi koi fight ho
    Saas sasur ke samne kahe, jaan tum hamesha right ho
    Mujhe rani bana kar rakhe, to phir zindagi delight ho
    Husband apna aisa bright ho.

    Bindaas! apni mann ki karoon, kuch is tarah ki life ho
    Har doosre week ghoomne phirne ki flight ho
    Aisa ho jaye to mein udoon aasmaan mei, jaise ke koi kite ho
    Husband apna aisa bright ho!
    Kaash yeh concept .0001 percent bhi right ho,
    Agar Aisa apna Husband ho
    to kya haseen life ho


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    Nice post

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    Ruchi Gupta
    Good one...

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    thanks for your commments...! =)

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