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Thread: Please pray for me... frm Saagar

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    Please pray for me... frm Saagar

    Dear All my Friends,
    Iam in some difficulty. I can't describe it here. But if you consider me as your friend and if I have helped you or anyone. Please do pray for me that God should make the ways easier for me.
    I request forum members as well as visitors who are visiting this website. No problem if you are not replying atleast pray that God may make difficulties easier.

    Take care
    Ur's only


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    Dear sir surrely i wil pray for u, its not the matter u can decribe or not.

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    thanx my frnd...

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    matter which have staring , it have to end
    be strong boy
    GOD bless all

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    my best wishes are with u dear.

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    hi saagar, dont take tension......we all r with u,b happy & pls let me know whats d problem? bye take care.....

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    there is light at the end of a dark tunnel... well that is what i think and if we dont go through difficulties then we wont become strong and wont appreciate happiness... so be strong and pray and have trust in God... even though i dont know you i will pray for you...anyway take care.. =)

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