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Thread: Virtual Desktop Manager - AltDesk

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    Virtual Desktop Manager - AltDesk

    AltDesk is Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows, which makes your daily work easier.

    Modern computers' power is enough to let you run numerous applications at the same time. You can surf the Internet, listen to the music and chat with your friends at once, but the more tasks you launch, the harder it becomes to manage them. That's when you might start thinking of getting the second monitor. AltDesk gives you a better choice. It creates several Virtual Desktops you can easily switch. Switching from an office application to your favorite Internet browser can be done in a blink of an eye without maximizing and minimizing numerous windows manually or switching them with the Taskbar. With AltDesk you can create as many Virtual Desktops as you want and switch them with ease. You don't even need to remember, where you've put a certain application's window as its icon is displayed by AltDesk. You can also easily swap tasks between Desktops, using Drag and Drop.
    AltDesk is a virtual desktops' manager for Windows


    A brief list of AltDesk features includes:

    # Easy task managing
    # Simple, user-friendly interface
    # Little resource consumption
    # Hotkeys for any actions
    # Skins to change the program's appearance
    # Reliablity: even in case of a failure you'll be able to recover the lost application's window.
    # Numerous advanced features, like setting unique wallpapers for each Virtual Desktop, sticky apps, autorun and so on.

    We made AltDesk for ourselves and we did our best to turn it to the world's best Virtual Desktop manager. We were the first to bring Windows users numerous features they missed. Now many competing products just clone AltDesk: isn't it a proof of its superiority?

    Why AltDesk?

    # Makes work easy. It lets you work with numerous applications as easy as if you had a set of several displays. Different groups of applications don't interfere ad you can always switch to a needful application.
    # User friendly. It has a very simple and nice looking user interface translated into 42 languages and supports skins letting you make it look whatever you need.
    # Smart. Unlike many competing products, it doesn't waste your screenspace. Power users would especially like compact horizontal skins and hotkeys.
    # Secure. AltDesk has security options: with a single keystroke you can hide your Desktops and even the existance of AltDesk from others' eyes. Press the hotkey again to continue your work. Switching Virtual Desktops by hotkeys with AltDesk minimize won't let others know what tasks you're running on your additional Desktops.
    # Powerful. AltDesk is packed with features. Want to have a different wallpaper for each Desktop? No problems. Need some windows to stay on all Desktops? Easily... There're much more things we've already taken care of.

    Download AltDesk now and try a fully functional version for 30 days before purchasing.
    During this period you'll see no nag screens and the program won't be limited in its funtionality. Even in case you decide to uninstall it, AltDesk is completely removed from the system, leaving no garbage in your Windows directory or system registry.


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    trying it now
    thank u

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