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Thread: An Episode of KBC..........

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    An Episode of KBC..........

    Amitabh : apka 13th question 25 lakh yeh raha apke samne..

    Contestant: is tensed.

    Amitabh : Who is the father of Abhishek Bachan

    Computer Screen:

    A. Amitabh Bachan B. Laloo Prasad Yadav
    C. vinod khana D. General Perverz Musharaff.

    Amitabh : Apka kya jawab hai ? ( He is quite sure
    that Contestant will opt for A) But still confused.

    Amitabh : Apke pas do life line hai..(50:50 and phone a friend)

    Contestant: I think it is A but am not sure.

    Amitabh: Not sure... Hmmm Ap kya karna chahenge?

    Contestant: I would like to use 50:50?


    Amitabh: Ok computer,2 galat javabo ko mita de.

    B. Laloo Prasad Yadav.
    C. vinod khana

    Amitabh is confused and tensed thinks how come the computer
    has made this mistake But as is said in bollywood the show must
    go on. Now Contestant is confused. Contestant: i would like to use the last life
    line phone a friend..

    Amitabh: Ap kisko phone karna chahenge?

    CONTESTANT: Mein Jaya Bachan ji ko phone karna chahuga...

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    hahaha nice post


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    hmm good joke
    thank u
    pls do more postings n pls do replies
    thank u

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    nice one...iam sure jaya bachan knows who is the FATHER OF her son...LOL.

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